Student L5A1

In this activity, we will go through two different guides. The first will show you how to connect to one of your Virtual Machines (VM) through the vSphere application. The second will show you how to connect through an Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection.


Connect to a VM through vSphere:

  1. Open vSphere client:



  1. Sign in to vSphere which will bring you to the main vSphere screen:





  1. Select the VM you would like to connect to, click the “Summary” tab, and click “Open Console”:



Your VM will open in a new window.



Connect to a VM through RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol):


  1. Open the RDP client on your computer (Microsoft version shown) and enter the IP address or Fully Qualified Domain Name of the VM you wish to connect to:



  1. Enter your credentials for the VM, you may need to specify the Domain you wish to connect to by typing the domain name followed by your username in the username field ( ex. For ISEAGE domain with username “student5”, “ISEAGE\student5”):




You should now be able to successfully connect to a VM through two main ways of connecting.