Student L5A2

Now that you have connected to a VM through vSphere and through RDP, you are going to try some basic user actions to help you get a better understanding of how the two types of connection are different. Below is a list of activities to try out through both connections, but don’t stop there! Try out some other actions on your own. After you are done attempting these actions, there is a Venn Diagram worksheet for you to fill out comparing the two connections. You can find the worksheet here.


Actions to be attempted on VM through RDP and vSphere (Pay attention to the different ways the VM reacts depending on how you are connected):

  1. Restart VM
  2. Log out and Log Back in
  3. Have a second user connect to the VM in the same way as the first user while the first user is still connected
  4. Edit the network settings (IP Address, etc.) of the VM. (Make sure to keep track of the network settings you change so you can change them back.)