Student L9A1

Instructions: Answer the following questions individually or in small groups. Be prepared to discuss your answers with the rest of the class.

When network connectivity becomes an issue, it is often prudent to determine what the cause of the problem is.

  • List at least 2 common networking issues many administrators may face.


  • Below describe a network connectivity testing procedure you would use to help determine the problem. For each step you create, describe why you are performing this test/step and what tools would you use to carry out this test.(For example: you might check to see if an Ethernet cable is plugged into the machine, because while this network topology is wired, that particular system may have become unplugged.) In your plan have at least one test for 3 of the layers (e.g. physical, data link, network, transport).


  • After you have created your plan, try it out step by step on your own systems. Are there any changes you would make to initial plan to make it more clear or thorough? If there are changes list those here, and if there aren’t any changes you would make, what made your plan work?